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MMS App Caller Tunes

If you are a home owner, you might have heard of a caller tune. But do you know what it really is? Many people, when they hear that word, immediately think of the “hamster on a wheel” commercial. However, caller tune is not that simple. There are several different types, and there are several things that set each type apart from the other.

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First, let’s define a caller tune. A caller tune is a prerecorded “tingle” that rings out before someone calls you. In other words, it’s basically a prerecorded greeting message for someone calling to your land line. It’s widely used in the United States and other countries as a way to let people know that someone is calling. For example, if you are at work, and someone calls you, your phone will ring with an automated prerecorded greeting.


Now, let’s take a look at some other types of caller tune sms options. One of the most common options is the standard SMS. This is essentially the same as the auto attendant that you had in high school – it plays the first part of your voice message and then pauses while someone answers. In recent years, though, the days validity of this option has been reduced considerably.

An alternative to the standard SMS is the Caller ID, which is also known as the BIG AM Pacific version. With the advent of mobile computing, the amount of mobile users has significantly increased. And one of the ways that these mobile computing users around the world can keep in touch with each other is through their use of caller tunes. Many people who receive text messages on their cell phones, either from their personal computer, or from their cell phone (which has a caller ID), will hear the prerecorded “dingle” (the actual text) and then be greeted by a prerecorded greeting. These caller tunes are a great way to make sure that your calls are not answered with annoying or inappropriate ring-tones – especially if you want your callers to know that you are open for business.

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Another option is to send sms broadcasted with the IVR type. This works in a very similar manner as the SMS type ct. Basically, when you send a text message with the ivr option, it will send your message as a message broadcasted over the airwaves. These IVR caller tune messages can be sent to anyone with an SMS capable phone.

Using caller tune-up to Enhance Mobile Phone Interactivity

So there you have it – two basic types of caller tune options. Hopefully this will help you when it comes time for you to decide how to handle that annoying caller tune that is constantly ruining your day! Good luck!


If you are going to use caller tunes for your inbound system, you may want to consider using a third-party SMS messaging solution. There are several good options available, and most of them offer sms messaging capabilities. If you’re looking to use the sms messaging service on your inbound system, you may want to consider installing the free iCalled mobiles iPhone application. With this application, you will be able to send sms messages from your iPhone to anyone, even if they do not have an iCalled profile. You will also be able to set a time for your messages to be sent and to specify various other options such as how long you would like your message to be.

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You may also choose to implement the use of caller ID on your caller tune block list. In general, this will allow you to control who you are blocking callers from calling you by creating different groups. This works in much the same way as having a group of phone numbers that you don’t accept calls from or you don’t let any other callers in. You can then instruct all callers in this block group not to make any contact with you.


In some cases, you may decide that you would rather maintain control over when and how you program your caller tune service. If so, there are third party services available that will allow you to do just this. These third party services will allow you to choose how often you want the service to run, and they will also let you create as many groups as you need.


You can take advantage of caller tune up services in a number of ways. In addition to setting ringtones with the phone that you own, you can also use caller tune up software to tune your mobile phone at any time. Of course, there are benefits to using this software as well. Most importantly, you will be able to set ringtones so that you know who is calling.